Align Physical Therapy prides itself on 1:1 patient care with a board certified orthopedic, doctor of physical therapy. Patients receive a detailed initial assessment in order to create a plan of care that will return them to sport with an even better understanding of their body. We educate the patient not only on their injury or pain, but on the body mechanics that will fix it and take them to the next level! Your goals are ours, and we do everything in our power to make them happen!

Andres G.

Lindsey is very professional, courteous, and a highly skilled physical therapist. She will evaluate you thoroughly; find your problem; explain it to you; work with you until it is fixed; and teach you what to do to not get in trouble again. Highly recommended!

Andrew O.

I have been experiencing chronic pain in my hip and shoulder for well over 2 years and Dr. Himmel was able to pinpoint the issue right away. Within minutes of locating the problem area we began working on corrective exercises and cues to remember while performing them on my own. Very informative and truly passionate in her craft. Before I left she made sure I was comfortable in doing the exercises and reminded me what I should be looking for in my results. Amazing therapist who was able to teach me how to fix the problem and avoid further injury. Truly the best!

Charlotte D.

My 13 year old daughter had a terrible fall from 20ft in the air, on August 4th. She was injured in her L5 on her spine. We had gone to different doctors and therapists and were making slow progress. Then in June, she was trying to do a swim workout and felt sharp pain in her back and lost complete feeling in her left leg. As her mother, I was terrified and was desperate to find help. I was referred to Dr. Himmel. She has been our angel. She has strengthened my daughters back and helped her be able to participate in sleep away camp and now she is going to work on getting her back to her golf game and MMA. Dr. Himmel is knowledgeable and knows how to help and focuses on each patient specifically.

Mary C.

Lindsey is a very knowledgeable dedicated excellent physical therapist. She works carefully to devise the best treatment plan. Her strong background in Pilates adds another dimension to her skill set. I am happy to recommend her unconditionally

Amanda B.

So glad that I found someone in the area that I love!

Victor V.

I was training for a marathon and felt a very strong and acute hip pain 1 month away from a race. I almost deferred my race to the next year then a friend recommended me Lindsey. In a 10 minutes conversation she identified the source of the pain and issue, which was my lower back and taught me some exercises and I walked from the clinic pain free after the very first session. After the 2nd session she recommended me to run 5 miles. With 3 sessions and 1 week later I was able to resume my training, running 15 miles, which is unbelievable since 1 week prior I was not able to walk pain free. I strongly recommend visiting her to everyone I know that have some sort of back pain or injury related to running or other sport. In the end the issue in my back started years ago and the running just aggravated it, but now I'm confident I can prevent and work on issues moving forward. This was by far the best investment I've made in my health in a very long time!